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So who's that grrl with the shaved head mentioned in the song, Little Plastic Castle?..the one and only fucking cutest Heidi Kunkel.
Mistress of the Merch
So, i have tons to add, since it's been a while so let's start here..
for those of you NOT familiar with Dan Bern, GET FAMILIAR! He's a great guy with a great sense of humour and 2 stellar albums out! His new album FIFTY EGGS is produced by ms. ani d. and has Heidi singing back-up and playing the toy piano in "Different Worlds".
so heidi and a friend stopped by the sites one day and had this to say: "get a life!!!! just kidding...thanks for the free entertainment. By the way...some of the words are wayyyyy wrong to "Fuel"....but nice try! TTFN! (ta ta for now)" (and yes, all was in good jest)
Just some miscellaneous stuffers...heidi is a real candle freak (and apparently makes some great ones!)....Heidi was hit hard during an ice storm but refused to stay at other's homes while her heat was non existant...she rufffed it!!...She lives in VT, btw, a resident since she moves there for uni... LITTLE PLASTIC CASTLE is dedicated to Heidi-Ho and she even had the pleasure of naming the song (and, inadvertantly, the album!) (and, yes, even SHE was a lil' bummed about the lyric change!)
How did she get this job?

thanx alan!

way back in the day, heidi was one of the many people who followed the folk singer around from venue to venue. One day, they started selling merchandise, and heidi volunteered or just started helping out one day when they were packed, and after that she just kept doing it whenever she was at a show. Eventually she said "hey, why don't you guys just hire me to do this" and so rbr said "send us a resume", so she did, and she got hired full time, left school for a bit and has been touring with the DiFranco family circus for a while now.

Since this time, Heidi has become a favourite and i swear could have an underground fan club...(hmm...website..).

The Living in Clip Photo Album

Who's that womyn in duct tape?!
and of the course, the one the only...Mistress of the Merch
a couple of the photos are actually credited to her.(as in she took them herself)
Lil Road Stories
Please take no offence, these are written quite light heartedly!(;

From:a nameless circus freak
"During the show she pretty much wanders around looking for trouble. You'd never now it but Heidi can put away the desserts - big-time metabolism goin' on in that girl. Gave me a jumping-up-in-the-air hug last time I saw her that knocked the keyring out of my pocket, hell, almost knocked me on my ass she did. Yep - whole lotta woman goin' on there!"

(NOTE: it is a joke..laugh..hehe..)

NOTE: if you spot the darling Heidi at any show, don't feel shy, the girl's one of the sweetest to come by (although there's stiff competition with the departed Sara Lee) people one could come by. And is known to answer almost anything...ALMOST anything!
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